Developing people, developing schools

How I Can Help

So, you know the world is changing fast and that you need to be more responsive to change than ever before. Perhaps things aren’t working quite as well as you’d like them to, but you’re not sure how to make the necessary changes? That’s where I come in!

I understand that engagement and involvement are the key to successful change, learning and improvement. That’s why I make it a priority to understand the challenges facing your organisation and design solutions tailor-made for you.

Consultancy Services

I provide consultancy services that deliver a lasting impact. I do this by primarily focusing on People: managers, teachers, staff and students.

I will help you establish:

  • A culture of learning and collaboration
    • To facilitiate readiness to adapt and grow within the modern world
  • A comprehensive professional development framework
    • To maximise the performance of all individuals and teams, that benefits the whole organisation
  • Distributive leadership
    • to empower and motivate talented individuals and teams and to get things done
  • Optimal engagement and communication
    • to be able to gather, share and ulitise information fast and effectively, internally and externally, with students and other stakeholders
Management Training and Development

So often, we see that managers are neglected in professional development programmes. But workplace development for managers has never been more important than it is now. The world is changing, and this is putting new demand and pressure on managers.  Whether you are new to educational management or an old hand, it’s an excellent time to embark on a professional development pathway. I draw upon a wealth of management experience to deliver one to one coaching, or group seminars and workshops that have a lasting impact.

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Managing change
  • Communication, collaboration, employee engagement
  • Customer service, customer voice, and quality management
Teacher Development Programmes

The world of education and work is changing fast and it is vital that teachers meet the needs of modern day learners. The development programmes I deliver for teachers and academic leaders focus on these areas:

  • Continuing professional development and collaborative learning
  • Learner engagement, differentiation and modern learning methods
  • Holistic learning, encompassing face to face environments, technology and social media

Coaching is the buzz word these days, isn’t it? That’s because coaching works.  And it’s never been more important than it is now, in a world in which we face constant change and challenges that can wear you down and erode your self-confidence and motivation. The coaching process is designed to reverse this. 

Coaching is seen by many these days as the most effective way to achieve your goals in life or to solve persistent problems at work.

I am a certified coach with fifteen years of experience. I work with managers and key academic staff to identify personal goals and the pathway to achieve them. We can do this face to face, or via digital means. Our task is to turn what seems like a daunting struggle into a series of achievable steps to rekindle motivation and personal reward at work.