Developing people, developing schools

In our fast-changing world, learning and development have become more important than ever. In the educational context, that’s as true for managers and staff as it is for teachers and students. Nowadays, everyone at work has the potential to make an important impact. Although core values may remain constant, technology and social media are transforming life as we know it, demanding that we establish new ways of working, new ways of thinking, new ways of teaching, and new ways of learning together - regardless of our age or our role.

I’ve been working in Education and English Language Teaching (ELT) for more than 25 years. I know from my own experience how challenging it can be to embrace change and meet the needs of today’s learners, but my experience has also taught me how best to help schools and individuals overcome those challenges. I keep abreast of the changing world in which we live to understand the impact modern innovation is having on work and education.

As an independent educational consultant, trainer and coach, I act as a catalyst for change and development within your school. By working closely with everyone - collectively and as individuals – I can help you establish new ways of working, learning and teaching to bring about effective and long-lasting improvement.

Everything I do is with one goal in mind – to help establish a modern and dynamic culture of learning within your school that embraces managers, teachers, staff and of course students!

I’d love to help you achieve that!

Loraine Kennedy

ELT Blog

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